2013-2014: Desires

Desires have long structured the political imaginaries of states and empires, inspired the spiritual journeys of believers, fueled the ambitions of entrepreneurs, forged the sexual bonds between lovers, defined the contours of modernity, stoked violent rivalries between families and between neighbors, and even shaped the anthropological encounter. But how have we –as a species, as modern subjects, or as corporate entities–developed such desires?


9/18 – Lauren Ristvet (Penn)
Colonial Desires: Imperial Negotiation in the Iron Age Caucasus
9/25 – Adam Leeds and Beth Hallowell (Penn ABD students)
– An impossible science? How hydroelectric engineers, cyberneticists, Orthodox mystics, transport planners, rocket scientists, Stalin, etc. assembled Soviet economics, again
– Maternal Healthcare and the Technology of Emergency

10/2 – Whitney Battle-Baptiste (UMASS)
Standing at the Crossroads: Toward an Intersectional Archaeology of the African Diaspora
10/9 – Puneet Sahota (Penn)
With Reservations: Native Americans’ Complex Relationship with Medical/Genetics Research
10/16 – Norma Mendoza-Denton (U of Arizona)
Kawaii Me Not: Cuteness, Gender, and Language-Longing in Chicano Rap-Fan Videos on YouTube.
10/23 – João Costa Vargas (UT)
Reclaiming Favelas: How Pacification Impacts Black Territories in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10/30 – Deborah A. Thomas (Penn)
Intimate Witnessing: Mapping State Violence on the Social Body, Kingston 2010

November & December
11/6 – Seth Holmes (UC Berkeley)
Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States
11/13 – Jafari Allen (Yale)
Black/Queer Here & There
11/20 – AAA Practice Talks (Penn Grad students)
12/4 – Zane Goebel (La Trobe University, Australia)
Leadership talk and language alternation in the Indonesian bureaucracy


1/29 – Joseph Alter (University of Pittsburgh)
Nature Cure, Ayurveda and Ecology: The Affective Politics of Intimate Nationalism 

2/05 – Agustin Fuentes (Princeton)
People, Place, and Other Primates: Integrated Anthropology in the Multispecies Anthropocene
2/12 – Abigail Bingham (University of Michigan)
Using High Altitude Adaptation to Understand Complex Phenotypes
2/26 – Marcia Inhorn (Yale)
The New Arab Man: Emergent Masculinities, Technologies, and Islam in the Middle East

3/5 – Laura Kunreuther (Bard College)
‘Raisin Voice’ in Kathmandu: Sound, Publics, and Political Subjectivity
3/19 – Sarah Croucher (Wesleyan)
Cadastral Desire: Colonialism, Capitalism, and Landscape on Nineteenth Century Zanzibar
3/26 – Debra Vidali (Emory)
The Poetics of our Civics: Binary Tracks in Talk about Democracy and Engagement in the US


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