*for video of Colloquium talks, please visit the Department of Anthropology’s Audio-Visual Resources page.


1/26 – Tiffany Cain, Mariam Durrani, Kyle Olson, Arjun Shankar (Graduate Students)
Talking across Sub-disciplines: Building Community in Anthropology – Part I
2/09 – Amber Reed (Penn)
Nostalgia in the Post-Apartheid State
2/16 – Matthew Hull (Michigan)
Incorporations: Capitalism and Collectivity
2/23 – Alfredo González-Reubel (National Research Council of Spain)
A Difficult Time: Archaeology and Modernity
*co-sponsored by Center for Ancient Studies (CAS)

3/02 – Gabriel Dattatreyan, Kasey Diserens, Erica Jaffe Redner (Graduate Students)
Talking across Sub-disciplines: Building Community in Anthropology – Part II
3/16 – Connie Mulligan (University of Florida)
Genetic, Epigenetic, and Sociocultural Data Applied to Questions of Human Health & Disease
3/23 – Ruth van Dyke (Binghamton University)
Pilgrimage, Materiality, and Phenomenology: To Chaco Canyon and Beyond
*co-sponsored by Center for Ancient Studies (CAS)
3/30 – Scott Hutson (University of Kentucky)
Urbanism and Ancient Maya Neighborhoods: Social and Spatial Organization
*co-sponsored by Center for Ancient Studies (CAS)

4/27 – Ana Mariella Bacigalupo (University of Buffalo)
The Potency of Indigenous Bibles and Biography: Mapuche Shamanic Literacy and Historical Consciousness


9/15 – Inmaculada García-Sánchez (Temple)
Moroccan Immigrant Childhoods in Spain: The Everyday Politics of Belonging
9/22 – Marge Bruchac, Harold Dibble, Brian Spooner, Greg Urban
Penn Anthropology Centennial Reflections
9/29 – Lisa Breglia (George Mason)
Paradoxes of Patrimony: Risks to Life and Livelihood in Securing Mexico’s National Resources

10/6 – Jemima Pierre (UCLA)
The Racial Lexicon of Development in Postcolonial Africa: The Case of Ghana
10/13 – Philippe Bourgois, John Jackson, Lauren Ristvet
Penn Anthropology Centennial Reflections
10/20 – Jaesok Kim, Tad Schurr, Robert Schuyler, Deborah Thomas
Penn Anthropology Centennial Reflections
10/27 – Clark Erickson, Meg Kassabaum, Richard Leventhal, Adriana Petryna
Penn Anthropology Centennial Reflections

November & December
11/3 – George Perry (Penn State)
Rainforest Hunter-Gatherer Evolutionary Ecology
12/1 – Jason de León (Michigan)
On Dangerous Ground: Taphonomy, Necroviolence, and the Politics of Migrant Death in the Arizona Desert

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